We saw a lot of groups of students sitting on the grass and decided to have a picnic too. But…

…Bao An’s 来了!

The university guards came and asked everyone to leave. As it turned out, it is forbidden to do this at our university (although the neighboring Nankai University is OK). That’s how it happens: (

By the lake we met a Chinese student 曹力戈 (Cao LiGe) playing the flute for his girlfriend. After talking, he found out that we were from Russia and played three of the most famous songs, including Moscow evenings!

Walking in TJU on the first of May. Photographer in Tianjin, China. Archibald Sonnenhaft

  Taken on Sony a7m2 with old USSR lenses:  Helios 44m7 58mm & Carl Zeiss ddr Jena 135mm.